About us

Bioxol Ltd. was established in 2012.

Company registry: 01-09-192708
Headquarters: 1155 Budapest Wysocki street 1.

Our founders all came from different areas of medical diagnostics. Evan though our company is relatively young we have a crew of professionals with several decades of experience. Our team is young and full of ambition, so we take every challenges gravely and with the most professional manner. To the best of our abilities, we also try to train and educate the next generation of engineers so every year we help to graduates with their professional internship. We also employ students regularly to help them with their studies.

The company was established because of the increasing need in the field of generic reagents. The company, which initially had 2-3 employees, now employs 12 people and our business indicators show an imposing growth as well. In the coming years, molecular biological developments will be decisive in the life of our company.


Éva Giessler



Alexandra Mester



Nikolett Ladányi-Balog

Quality Control


Almási Anna



Dervalics Anna

Udvarvölgyi András

Krepuska Dániel