Az NKFI alapból megvalósuló projekt.

In the tender of the NKFI Fund entitled “Support for the innovation activities of micro and small enterprises”, BIOXOL Ltd. won HUF 99.23 million in state support.

During the project with a total cost of HUF 129.74 million, the company will create a fluorescent paint produced with an environmentally friendly technology, with which it can improve the environmental impact of areas using materials of this nature.

Flow cytometry is a laboratory procedure for the quantitative and qualitative study of cell populations. Nowadays, a high-quality routine clinical laboratory is unimaginable without a flow cytometer. State-of-the-art diagnostic machines use fluorescent dyes to differentiate cells. These special paint formulations are highly sensitive molecules dissolved in toxic organic solvents. In order to improve modern, environmentally conscious thinking and economy, Bioxol Kft. Has set the goal of developing products that can be safely handled and used without toxic components.

The formulas developed during the project will fit into the systems of the machines currently used, but they also represent significant market potential due to their environmentally friendly nature. Another goal of the development is to keep fluorescent dyes in a stable solution in other applications as well, following the principles of environmental awareness.

The project with a total budget of HUF 129,744,703, which received HUF 99,229,142 in the tender of the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund “2018-1.1.1-MKI”, started on January 1, 2019 and is expected to end on October 30, 2020.

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The development has resulted in environmentally friendly products over currently available formulations containing toxic compounds. Following the chemical synthesis of the molecules to be used for fluorescent staining, formulations of fluorescent reagent kits were developed, stability tests performed, manufacturing procedures and quality control methods developed, their clinical performance validated, and registration dossiers compiled and submitted in accordance with current European regulations and standards.

The in vitro diagnostic medical devices developed by Bioxol Ltd. Have been registered by the competent authority after the evaluation of the submitted documentation and can be placed on the market with the CE marking. The development has resulted in formulations that can be profitably manufactured and marketed in medical laboratory practice.


BIOXOL Ltd. won a grant worth HUF 5,000,034 with its project entitled Technological Development of Bioxol Kft. (Project identification number: VEKOP-1.2.6-20-2020-00223), thus 70% of the total cost of the project. The aim of the project is to speed up and modernize the work at the site. To this end, we made machine purchases (STILL EXV 14C pallet truck, Jungheinrich AMW22 scale truck, laptops, telecommunication equipment). The project is complete.

nkfi-projekt nkfi-projekt nkfi-projekt